Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced on Instagram that Meta’s sponsored verification program is now accessible in the United States. According to Zuckerberg, those who sign up for Meta Verified will receive a blue badge of verification on Facebook and Instagram, “proactive impersonation prevention,” and direct access to customer service.

Meta Verified membership costs $12 per month through the web and $15 per month via iOS or Android to account for the platform’s percentage of in-app purchases. Also, each month you’ll receive stars that you can use to tip Facebook creators and additional stickers for Stories and Reels.

In the United States, Meta’s paid verification service becomes live.

In contrast to Australia and New Zealand, Verified subscribers in the United States will not enjoy greater exposure in some app sections just yet. A spokeswoman for Meta told Engadget, “We’re taking the time to better examine its worth and learn before we contemplate spreading this component outside of Australia and New Zealand, since we received feedback that its operation was generating confusion.” The business said it will consider adding other capabilities to Verified while testing the program.

Last month, Meta unveiled the service in Australia and New Zealand. Verified differs from Twitter Blue, through which individuals may pay for a blue check mark and other privileges, in that Instagram and Facebook users are required to supply Meta with a government-issued ID that matches their account’s name and photo. Other qualifying conditions include being at least 18 years old and having two-factor authentication activated.

Meta Verified users cannot modify their profile name, photo, username, or date of birth unless they are prepared to re-verify their account. All confirmed Instagram and Facebook accounts will retain their blue verification check.

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