As part of their curriculum at OBU, a number of marketing students have participated in micro-internships to assist businesses. Their project requires them to share their own project accounts with local newspapers. This is one of such tales.

Dr. Daryl Green of Oklahoma Baptist University has provided his students with a micro-internship opportunity during the spring semester. Lucky Lisangi and Kendall Williams have been working with Kirk Startup Solutions this semester as the company introduces a new component. Both students assisted the proprietor, Anthony Kirk, in preparing his business plan for publication.

Kirk Startup Solutions is a company that has provided businesses with consulting services for years. The proprietor, Anthony Kirk, has decided to expand his business arsenal with the introduction of the KSS Business Planner. This is a significant development for the company, as it expands its business model and the manner in which it interacts with customers.

Kirk Startup Solutions’ decision to transition from consulting to a business planner product was not a simple one. Kirk had developed a reputation over the years as a reliable consultant who provided quality advice to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. However, Kirk Startup Solutions desires to do more for its clients. The KSS Planner contains actionable measures for twelve consecutive weeks.

Kirk began by analyzing existing consulting services and identifying the areas in which entrepreneurs require the most assistance. He analyzed the most common issues his clients confronted and developed a set of tools and resources to assist in their resolution. Utilizable KSS planner components include a calendar, workspaces, goal-setting, and a written guide.

What distinguishes the KSS Planner from other planners is the additional information included. The typical planner is nothing more than a calendar with a workstation. Kirk Startup Solutions determined that this was insufficient. As described previously, not only can the planner provide additional consulting, but it can also monitor your business journey.

The KSS Planner is now available in Oklahoma City and on the organization’s website ( In Oklahoma City, the planner is also available at Asa Boutique and Belle Books Boutique.

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