Substack, a platform for the creation of digital newsletters, said it is investigating reports that Twitter embeds and authentication have ceased functioning on its website, while users claim that Substack links on Twitter have been marked as possibly “unsafe.”

Twitter labeled Substack newsletter links “unsafe,” and users complained they couldn’t like or retweet them.

Substack enables users to create and distribute digital newsletters to a subscriber list, either for free or behind a paywall.

Twitter and Substack users complained that they were unable to like or retweet tweets containing Substack links. Others reported that they were unable to add tweets to their Substack newsletters without taking screenshots.

Twitter obfuscates the distinction between free and sponsored verified accounts
When users clicked on a Substack newsletter link, they were redirected to a page that discouraged them from exiting Twitter and stated that the Substack link “may be hazardous.”

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