The Federal Government has reaffirmed its dedication to prioritizing, promoting, and empowering Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses in the country, especially those owned by women.

Thursday, the Minister of State for Industry, Trade, and Investment, Mariam Katagum, made this statement during the Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Businesses’ commemoration of the 2023 International Women’s Day.

The minister stated that the event’s topic, “DigitAll: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality,” was most fitting in light of the present state of the world, adding that technology has improved lives via improved communication and connectivity.

Including women in innovation and technology is even more intelligent than pursuing gender equality.

“All levels of government, public society, the commercial sector, and the technical community must collaborate to guarantee that the advantages of digital technology are spread equitably.

“Permit me to underline the Federal Government of Nigeria’s resolve to prioritize, promote, and grow MSMEs, especially those owned by women.

“I am hopeful that the conversations and attendees at this event will provide a list of suggestions that will support the expansion of new services.

“For the benefit of women-owned businesses and the nation as a whole,” Katagum stated.

She said that the event serves as a crucial reminder of the enormous potential that digital transformation possesses to accelerate gender equality and women’s empowerment.

“But also of the risk it has for perpetuating and exacerbating current gender inequity patterns.

“As the world becomes increasingly digital, we must guarantee that we stay up with the speed and enable women and girls to become active agents of change in this shift,” she added.

Although underlining the significance of the Internet, Katagum emphasized the need for more investments to increase women’s and girls’ digital literacy and technological familiarity.

She stated that this would allow people to successfully engage in the digital economy and obtain access to digital services such as online banking, education, and healthcare.

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