In the coming weeks, the following liquefied natural gas (LNG) ships are scheduled to arrive in the countries of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Great Britain. Dates of arrival are estimated, but are often changed by port authorities and AIS. The following table contains the latest live ship-tracking data from Refinitiv Eikon.

There is a possibility that several tankers en route to Belgium and Britain are loading at the terminal. Those that are indicated with an are those that are anticipated to load (L).

Table of LNG carriers bound towards the UK, NL, BE, and DE

Individuals who are likely to undertake ship-to-ship transfers have a symbol next to their names (STS). The presence of tankers that have docked is shown with (A). As the floating storage and regasification unit terminals (also known as FSRUs) are getting close to being deployed, they are added to the table.

This encompasses the Eemshaven port in the Netherlands, as well as the Wilhelmshaven, Brunsbuettel, and Lubmin terminals in Germany, as of the 27th of December, 2022.
To access the Reuters guide to LNG, please click here: LNG TANKER CAPACITY in EXPECTED ARRIVAL FROM PORT cubic metres BRITAIN Alicante Knutsen 170,000 March 27 (A) Dragons of the United States Rasheeda 261,000 March 28 (A) Qatar On March 29th, South Hook Flex

Artemis was awarded 173,000. America (United States) Endurance of South Hook LNG at 174,000 as of March 31 On March 31, 172,000 worth of United States Isle of Grain LNG Abalamabie was traded. 179,000 for the United States Dragon Tenergy on April 2 for the United States Dragon BELGIUM Yari

TABLE-LNG tankers traveling to Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, and

LNG 158,000 March 28 (L) (A) N/A Zeebrugge Yakov Gakkel 172,000 March 28 (A) Russia Zeebrugge Boris Vilkitsky 170,000 March 30 Russia Zeebrugge 155,000 for Asia Integrity due on March 31 N/A

Zeebrugge 160,000 March 31 (L) Not Applicable Clean Horizon Zeebrugge Vladimir Vize 172,000 April 1 Russia Zeebrugge Al Bahiya 206,000 April 2 Qatar Zeebrugge SK Audace 180,000 April 4 Nigeria Zeebrugge Al Huwaila 213,000 April 9 Qatar Zeebrugge NETHERLANDS SCF La Perouse 174,000 March 28 N/A Gate LNG Schneeweisschen 177,000 March 29 174,000 at the United States Gate LNG Endeavour on March 31 170,000 Americans passed through the United States Gate in Barcelona on April 1

Americans passed through the United States Eemshaven. 170,000 for Global Star on April 2; 174,000 for United States Gate Attalos on April 3. 170,000 Gate Hoegh Galleons for the United States of America on April 5 Eemshaven, United States of America 171,000 BW Tulips were sold in Germany on March 28 (A)

United States Lubmin AIS and Ports are the Sources. Real-time tracking of the vessel using Refinitiv Eikon data. (^) Unloading a portion of the cargo (*) Estimated arrival time based on flow data (Reporting By Susanna Twidale)

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