You may make this experience even more satisfying by first purchasing one or more Southwest Airlines electronic gift cards from Costco. These cards are now available at a discount of 14% until the end of the day, and the store guarantees that they will be processed within the hour.

Combining the thirty percent sale savings with the egift card discount saves forty percent.

When it comes to the travel interruptions that Southwest Airlines has been experiencing in the recent past, utilizing a gift card to pay rather than a credit card to make a purchase could have some potential disadvantages.

If you paid for the trip using one of the premium credit cards that most of us carry around with us, you may be eligible for a variety of advantages in the event of delays and cancellations, such as free hotel accommodations.

The acquisition of these gift cards will not go toward the travel category of your credit card rewards points because many credit cards come with bigger point benefits.


However, many of these gift card products are not always available through Costco (we have seen products on sale from Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Southwest Airlines). The electronic gift cards for Southwest Airlines are typically discounted by 10% during sales events.

You will be able to save some money by using them, but you will not be eligible for the benefits and points that come with paying for travel with certain premium credit cards.

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