Elon Musk is renowned for being quite active on Twitter. The billionaire’s clever and engaging tweets frequently generate headlines, and he frequently responds to postings that have been tagged him. This time, a Twitter user baited Elon Musk using an Artificial chatbot, and the result is rather intriguing.

The Twitter user @SamTwits requested that ChatGPT compose a tweet that Elon Musk would react to or enjoy. He instructed ChatGPT, an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, to “write a tweet that is statistically more likely to receive a like or reply from Elon Musk.”

“times are exciting for space exploration! Excited to see how @SpaceX will continue to push the limits and increase our understanding of the cosmos!” A rocket ship emoji and the hashtags “#SpaceX #Mars #Exploration” were ChatGPT’s responses.

“Haha, ChatGPT has totally nailed the @elonmusk algorithm!!! “, a Twitter user said with a screenshot.


Somewhat unconvinced, Elon Musk replied to the tweet. “That failed,” he said. Hate hashtags.


Many people believed that Mr. Musk would respond if SpaceX, one of his firms, was mentioned. Others commented that “ChatGPT didn’t miss the mark” and that it “passed the test” because the Twitter CEO eventually responded.

One person stated, “Well, it seems that it did not, since you have answered. Who knows? Perhaps it utilized hashtags to get you to remark. Another reacted on Mr. Musk’s disdain of hashtags, stating, “Owner of Twitter disliking hashtags must be a portent of the end times.” A third said, “It does include your comment though.” A fourth individual commented, “It did NOT miss the mark. It achieved its target by receiving a response from @elonmusk.

Another user sent a response on behalf of ChatGPT. He stated, “ChatGPT responds: Ah, Mr. Musk, we are so very sorry that our AI-generated hashtags fell short of your galactic aspirations. Next time, we will contact our Mars Rover friends to guarantee that you receive the maximum level of hashtag pleasure!

According to a story published last month, Mr. Musk, who has frequently voiced reservations about AI systems, is attempting to develop an alternative to ChatGPT. Mr. Musk has recruited Igor Babuschkin, who left Google’s DeepMind AI section, to supervise the creation of the competing chatbot.

Elon Musk finalized his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in October 2022, and he has subsequently expanded his usage of the microblogging service.

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