According to a story from the Wall Street Journal, the world’s largest fast food business, McDonald’s, will temporarily shut down all of its US offices this week in order to tell its corporate staff of a new wave of layoffs.

All in-person meetings scheduled for this week at McDonald’s have been canceled.

Last week, the corporation emailed its American staff members, instructing them to begin working remotely on Monday through Wednesday of this week. According to the allegation, McDonald’s made the call so that it could notify employees of the layoffs digitally. The exact number of layoffs is unknown at this time.

McDonald’s allegedly said in a letter that “important decisions relating to responsibilities and employee levels would be communicated across the company during the week of April 3.”

The in-person meetings scheduled for this week have also been canceled.

As part of its new business plan, the fast food giant said in January that it will evaluate its corporate employment levels, which might result in layoffs in certain departments and hiring increases in others.

On Wednesday, the company plans to notify employees of the layoffs.

As a result of the global economic recession and rising prices, more and more businesses are laying off employees. Google, Amazon, and Facebook are just a few of the digital titans that have lately reduced their workforce significantly.

The widespread layoffs in American IT industries have affected Indians particularly hard. Several people who were working in the United States temporarily have lost their jobs with little time to locate new ones.

If an H-1B visa holder loses their job, they have only 60 days to locate a new company that would sponsor their continued stay in the United States.

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