IBM, which stands for International Business Machines Corp., recently made public their consideration of automating approximately 7,800 positions. The Chief Executive Officer of IBM, Arvind Krishna, has announced that the corporation will be implementing a hiring freeze for positions that they believe can be delegated to artificial intelligence bots.

Since ChatGPT and its various iterations were first released, people’s concerns regarding artificial intelligence (AI) have been growing at an alarming rate. The CEO of IBM has been quoted as saying that hiring for back office activities such as HR will be slowed down, as reported by Bloomberg.

Arvind Krishna further indicated in an interview that he believes that artificial intelligence and automation will replace approximately thirty percent of the workforce during the next five years. This prediction was made by Arvind Krishna.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna has warned that AI may replace 30% of the workforce.

There would be a loss of 7,800 jobs if there was a reduction of 30 percent of the workforce. Many people have voiced their concerns about the potential effects that the takeover of human jobs by AI could have on the labor market as a result of the rise of AI to perform tasks such as providing online customer service, writing text, and generating code.

The comment made by the Chief Executive Officer of IBM that they are considering adopting AI for activities that were traditionally performed by humans has the potential to be one of the most significant responses to the rapid development of technology.

In addition, Krishna has predicted that boring tasks like job verification letters will be completely automated and replaced by AI in the near future. However, HR functions such as evaluating workforce composition and productivity would still be done by humans. This is the case even if AI were developed.

There are over 2.6 lakh people working for IBM right now, and the company is also looking to fill opportunities in software development and customer service. Layoffs at IBM were announced at the same time as the CEO made the statement about replacing jobs with AI. It is anticipated that approximately 5,000 people would be let go as a result of this round of layoffs.

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