According to the findings of InvestorsObserver’s research, EtherGem poses a significant risk. The unique scoring methodology examines the amount of money that was necessary to move the price throughout the course of the previous twenty-four hours.

In order to determine how easily a coin may be influenced by restricted trade, the measure analyzes recent fluctuations in trading volume and market capitalization. The value of the score can vary anywhere from 0 to 100, with lower values indicating a greater risk and higher values indicating a lower risk.

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Trading Analysis

The current risk score for EGEM indicates that it is an investment with a level of risk that is considered to be rather high. Those investors who are primarily concerned with risk assessment will find this score to be the most beneficial in order to steer clear of dangerous assets (or maybe seek them out).

The price of EtherGem has decreased by -43.41% during the course of the previous twenty-four hours of trade, bringing it down to its current level of $0.001405820.

This price change has occurred at the same time as volume has dropped to levels below its average and market capitalization has decreased for the currency.

The coin now has a market value of $27,389.75, and transactions totaling $14.07 worth of the cryptocurrency have taken place over the course of the last 24 hours. A high-risk assessment has been assigned to EGEM as a result of the recent price fluctuation in relation to the changes in volume and market cap.


The price volatility of EGEM during the past twenty-four hours results in a high risk analysis owing to the fact that its price volatility is combined with fluctuations in trading volume. This provides investors with a reason to be concerned about the coin’s manipulability as of the present time. To obtain a copy of the Comprehensive Report on EtherGem, please click here (EGEM).

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