Elon Musk acknowledged in an amusing Twitter exchange that he is “dumb” far more frequently than he would prefer. Musk was responding to a conversation in which the user argued that ‘Elon knows best’ is a poor argument and that the Twitter CEO can occasionally be stupid.

Musk responded to the Twitter conversation by stating, “I am stupid far more frequently than I would like!” The discussion stemmed from remarks made by @TSLAFanMtl on Twitter regarding Tesla’s advertising policies.

James Cat, a self-proclaimed Tesla analyst, disagrees with the company’s choice to cut car prices rather than advertise.

Musk responded to the argument by stating, “So many affluent detractors fail to comprehend that demand at scale is constrained by affordability. Our products are in high demand, but if they cost more than consumers can afford, that demand is irrelevant.”

James disagreed with Elon’s decision, stating, “The majority of individuals who can afford a Tesla today are not purchasing one.” This prompted a devotee of Elon Musk to respond to the user with the following: “To believe oneself to be wiser than Elon Musk.

“Do I believe I am more intelligent than Elon? No. Does this imply that he or the management is always correct?

James responded that he does not believe he is wiser than the billionaire, but that Tesla’s CEO and management also do not always make the best decisions. He wrote, “Do I believe I am more intelligent than Elon? No. Does this imply that he or the management is always correct? No. Let’s avoid being a cult and strive for objectivity. This is the response of a cult.”

Twitter user Whole Martian Catalogue, who frequently interacts with Elon Musk, rushed to James’ aid. While praising Tesla’s management style, he wrote, “What I enjoy about Tesla Twitter is that we can debate and discuss what the company should do, have employees and management participate in that discussion, and ultimately strive to advance the company and its mission.” The claim that Elon knows best is a poor argument. However, he can also be foolish.”

Since his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk’s management style has been the subject of much discussion. Musk dismissed half of the company’s employees shortly after assuming control and asked the remaining employees to work long hours at high intensity or accept a three-month severance compensation.

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