We had a three-day disagreement over something that seemed so trivial at the time.

After three days, however, we realized that what we had been dealing with were merely the symptoms of a fundamental issue that had been ignored for too long.

Our connection was deteriorating.

Our relationship became submerged beneath the chaos of daily objectives and to-do lists. It’s bizarre because we felt like we were succeeding in one aspect of life, but our level of connection felt like it was disintegrating.

We were constantly together, yet drifting apart.

Every marriage goes through cycles of proximity and distance. However, healthy marriages choose and commit to not remain distant and to work through difficult conversations.

We share this because, when your marriage is in a difficult place (and you’re building a business), it can add a more difficult dynamic to the equation and make you feel as though you’re the only one; however, you’re not.

So, what do you do when adversity strikes?

The response has always been that we prioritize our friendship. We were acquaintances prior to getting married. How you treat a friend depends on your level of trust and the knowledge that you are both on the same team. When on the same team, you fight the problem and not each other.

You do not contend with one another; rather, you compromise to achieve the desired result.

When conversing with your friend, you choose your words carefully. The purpose is never to cause harm, but to listen and comprehend.

There is so much to say about this, given that every marriage has its own nuances. However, there are universal truths that can be applied to any circumstance. One of them is to form strong friendships.

One way we do this is by maintaining open lines of communication. When we hear something that doesn’t feel right, we speak up immediately.

We hold daily legacy meetings to share updates and receive feedback in a safe and sacred environment. So many things in life are designed to separate us, but we got married to live life together. If you wish to implement daily legacy meetings, we have created a complimentary meeting template. You can obtain one here.

Here’s to living in harmony with purpose, strength, and profit!

O.L. is a former banker-turned-entrepreneur and real estate consultant. Sway is the former chief executive officer of a labor agency she founded on her dorm room floor to pay for education. Together, they co-own Marriedpreneur Life Consultancy, which equips married entrepreneur couples with stress-free high-level scaling systems. They are the co-hosts of The Marriedpreneur Life Podcast, which has been recognized as one of Wedding Wire’s best.

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