Accor, Asia’s leading hotel firm, is partnering with Crowne Estate Malaysia to expand in Malaysia. Swissôtel Genting Highlands will debut in Malaysia in Q3 2028.

Sean Chen, Crowne Estate’s Chief Operating Officer, Thanesh Jayandren, Highlands ParkCity’s Executive Director, and Garth Simmons, Accor’s South & Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and India CEO, attended the signing event.

Genting Highlands’ unique nature and fauna and year-round temperate climate attract 41 million tourists annually.

Highlands ParkCity, Yuk Tung Group, and Crowne Estate Malaysia will create King’s Park in Genting Highlands, including Swissôtel Genting Highlands at 3,000 feet. Over 41 million tourists visit Genting Highlands annually for its distinctive flora and animals and year-round mild climate.

“Our first strategic alliance with Accor is something we are very excited about,” said Crowne Estate COO Sean Chen. Highland ParkCity and Crowne Estate Malaysia’s ambition of turning Genting Highlands’ King’s Park into an eco-friendly tourist and destination hub for the world is a major step forward.

“I’m happy to announce that today’s signing ceremony brings Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts to Malaysia. Swissôtel Genting Highlands, one of Malaysia’s most popular tourist and local destinations, strengthens Accor’s leadership position in the hospitality industry. “We’re excited to work with Crowne Estate on this project,” said Garth Simmons, Accor’s South & Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and India CEO.

Swissotel Genting Highlands artist’s impression

Swissôtel’s brand objective is to let travelers and other life adventurers relax and enjoy themselves. Swissôtel properties are based on intelligent design, distinct and high-quality design inspired by local customs, high-caliber craftsmanship, and sustainability.

The luxurious Swissôtel Genting Highlands in Malaysia will be surrounded by nature. This amazing construction features a 300-room hotel with unsurpassed service, modern conference facilities, and a stunning grand ballroom for unforgettable events. Elegant rooms, all-day dining, executive lounges, and bars will let guests create memorable encounters. A heated pool, sundeck, exercise center, spa, picturesque jogging routes, and kids’ club will also be available. The 30-story hotel will offer unobstructed views of the Alps and Genting Highlands top, a 15-minute drive away.

Beyond the Swissôtel Genting Highlands, guests will discover Crowne Estate Malaysia, an elegant retreat nestled in breathtaking natural beauty, with 44,515 square meters of exquisite villas and bungalows and 96,000 square meters of stylish residences and serviced apartments for discerning urbanites. Crowne Estate development

Genting Highlands is a stunning 156,419-square-meter project with a Gross Development Value of nearly RM3 billion.

Thanesh Jayandren, Highlands ParkCity’s Executive Director, presented the 150-acre proposal to turn King’s Park in Genting Highlands into a world-class resort. He remarked, “Visitors from all over the world will be able to enjoy a broad variety of events, shows, cultural arts, and delectable cuisine at this development because of its focus on entertainment, international attractions, and eco-tourism.”

Sustainable communities conserve water and use renewable energy. Swissôtel Genting Highlands will be near King’s Park by Highlands ParkCity, which has many stores, restaurants, and attractions, as well as numerous other hotels in a lovely natural setting. A nearby cable car service, Awana golf course, a high-end Genting Premium Outlet, and amusement parks will boost the resort’s appeal.

Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts has 34 properties in 20 countries and 33 in development.

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